we believe the most successful media campaigns are constantly in progress, measuring results, researching new ideas, and always striving for stronger results.

Identity Media Services, LLC was formed to provide highly specialized, high-tech, bundled media packages to technology industries as well as service and professional industries. Through a combination of high-quality, high-definition video production, bundled marketing packages, and today’s networking capabilities with social media, Identity Media Services, LLC can produce media based projects for almost all budgets. In addition to its video production capabilities, the company also specializes in the production of television and commercial programming. They launched “Best Docs Network” in 2010 which is a multi-faceted program offering physicians and hospitals a bundled package of specialized marketing elements including professionally produced segments on the company’s weekly television show, multiple website exposures, archived streaming video, creation and maintenance of social media channels, as well as print and other electronic media advertising, unlimited video use, and much more. Identity Media Services also has produced the very popular Fox Sports program, “Tailgate Rivals”, since 2007, and won an Emmy Award for the show in 2012. Since Best Docs Network and Tailgate Rivals, the company has also launched “Today with Kandace“, a weekday morning show concept featuring lifestyles of Dallas / Fort Worth residents while highlighting businesses that fall into the categories of Home, Health & Beauty, and Leisure.