DALLAS – Best Docs Network announced today that it has recorded its first set of statistical results from its newly launched, “Google Ads” program. Selected videos of BDN’s physicians appear on the Related Videos section and on YouTube. In some cases, viewers are given a choice between three related videos: the BDN video, YouTube, and Google – as a sponsored ad on top of the search listings.

According to CEO Bill Lee, “What makes this so special is that we can select specific cities zip codes, and even Congressional districts to run these ads, therefore concentrating heavily in areas where our physicians practice. We are very pleased with the early results, which we tracked from one of our Houston Best Docs, Dr. Robert Marvin. We are ecstatic about the success of this program. We plan to continue on with the process in all of our operations using more and more selected physician videos.”

Company President Jim Knox says, “The success of this program is even more evidence of how social media continues to play such a major role in not only what our company provides our clients but what will continue to drive traffic to physicians and hospitals in the future.” BDN is a world leader in the production and distribution of physician and hospital videos launched though its own website, television programs, and social media outlets.