When was the last time you took handwritten notes on your tablet or phone? You likely can’t remember because, if you’re like most of the general population, your handwriting couldn’t be easily differentiated from a random series of squiggles and loops. MyScript is here to offer you a solution that will translate your illegible scribbles into an electronic font of your choice.

MyScript isn’t new to the scene; they’re responsible for the handwriting recognition capabilities built into many popular note-taking apps, as well as unique extensions for brand name tablets and touch screen laptops. The company is now creating an updated version of its program with its new Interactive Ink technology. This update promises new capabilities including mixed font/handwriting editing, text reflow, mathematic equation recognition and solving, and conversion of hand-drawn shapes to digital objects. The equation translation and solving component converts handwritten mathematic and scientific equations into typed font, and proceeds to solve the equation for you, (skip getting out the calculator). Additionally, the text reflow ability will allow the program to accurately rewrap and adjust handwritten text when the screen size is changed, just like most programs do with typed text.

Only downside to MyScript’s promising new product: the program will only work on devices that support active styluses, like the Apple Pencil or Surface Pen. Not just any stylus will suffice either. MyScript emphasizes that lower quality “passive” styluses won’t work, as they function by imitating your finger. Thus, you will only have the chance to test out MyScript’s new options if you own a high-grade stylus.

You won’t see MyScript’s Interactive Ink features in third-party products for a while, but for now the company is rolling out a note-taking app to display the new features, called Nebo. Find it for IOS and Windows on August 9th, (Android coming soon), and test out those handwriting recognition tools for on your own scribbles.