While many argue that the newest iPhone edition is barely changed from the 6, the camera offers a plethora of upgrades that are definitely worth investing in. This is especially true, if you, like most Americans, rely primarily on your smartphone for all the photographic records of your life. These can range from photos of a new graduate receiving a diploma to the joyful surprise of a marriage proposal. When your phone is the only device nearby to capture such momentous occasions, you want the best quality camera there by your side. Check out the five reasons the new iPhone 7 is rocking the world of phone cameras. iphone  

1. Better pictures in low light.

The camera now comes with an f/1.8 aperture, meaning more light can enter the camera lens. Anyone who’s ever tried to take a photo of friends in a dimly lit club can appreciate just how much this will improve your insta game. (If the camera doesn’t end up doing the trick, the 7 is equipped with a brighter flash than earlier iPhones also.)  

2. Sharper photos in unstable conditions.

The iPhone 7 camera has an optical image stabilization feature, making for clearer, crisper images when you’re not standing perfectly still. Many who have tested the new phone say their photos on subway trains and other public transportation are considerably improved.  

3. Two cameras with two focal lengths.

The new iPhone Plus has not just one camera on the back, but two. Both cameras are 12 megapixels, but each has a different focal length. The wider one, 28 mm, is the same as the basic iPhone 7. Right next to it is a lens at 56 mm, and you have the ability to switch between these lenses within the camera app. For any non-photographers out there, keep in mind that longer focal length generally means a higher magnification and narrower angle of view, while shorter focal length is associated with a wider angle of view. (This double camera feature is only available with the iPhone 7 Plus, one of a few ploys Apple is using to attract customers to the deluxe edition.)  

4. Better zoom.

The new camera includes 2x optical zoom and up to 10x digital zoom. This feature allows you to take clear photos of distant objects and zoom in close. Then, instead of looking like something that’s been artificially enlarged, the photo appears to have been actually taken closer to the object. This allows a user to take intimate portraits of friends and family without invading their personal space.  

5. Improved selfie quality.

The new camera features a 7 megapixel FaceTime camera on the front, making every selfie a true masterpiece. Considering Apple’s mass appeal to the teenage and twenty-something demographics, this feature is sure to excite many aspiring Kim Kardashians.  

The Camera In Action

Time Magazine recently took the new iPhone 7 camera for a test drive in Zion National Park. Check out the camera in action below.   zion zi z zio zionn