Best Docs Network’s Medical Minute videos are a success thanks to help from Dr. Richard Honaker. These one-minute videos aim to inform about the most important things to know about living a healthy life, targeting people of all ages.

“Medical Minute contains the most important points you need to know about symptoms, diseases, and medical issues that may change you and your loved ones lives… they have great, summarized important information for men, women, young and old. Even for healthy people… especially for healthy people,” says Dr. Honaker.

There are over 70 Medical Minute videos that can be found here on BDN’s website – BDN makes videos ranging on topics from ideal body weights to signs of skin Cancer.

“My association with Best Docs Network allows me to be associated with the finest medical care available and to help Best Docs Network get the health message out to patients so they live longer and healthier,” said Dr. Honaker.

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