At Identity Media Services, we follow certain best practices in Web Design to assure that your website is custom built to attract new business. Take a look at these tips on successful website development for businesses. 

  • Make sure Contact Information is Visible – Visible contact information raises conversion rate on a website. The more visible your contact information, the easier it is for a consumer to contact you about services or purchase a product from your site.
  • Create An Easy-To-Use Interface – Sometimes less is more. A pleasant color scheme along with an easy navigating site will make the user experience a good one. Using these techniques will give your site a more professional feel as well.
  • Strong Keywords – For your business to be found organically online it is imperative that you use keywords that are defining and searchable throughout your site. You want to think about what keywords your target demographic will be searching to find your business online. For IMS and this post we would focus on words such as Web Design, Web Development, Website, Social Media, etc.  This is an important practice when titling pages, creating page url titles, and creating header titles.
  • Feature Your Social Networks – Featuring your social networks on your site creates an opportunity for new client engagement with your brand. This gives visitors an opportunity to see frequently updated content around your business and services.