Media Buying & Management

we develop a media buying strategy that fits your particular budget and aligns with your company's growth plan and objectives.

HHaving the ability to utilize one agency for all media planning and buying gives you a strong advantage over other competitors. Merging keywords with imagery, highly targeted banners and social ad placement provides you with full-service management solutions and media placement that helps to maximize all advertising investments while generating a continuous branding and engagement experience for your target onlookers.

We want to guarantee that your target audience is receiving the correct message at the right time in order to direct a call to action and maximize the effectiveness regardless of the media channel. In today’s fast growing market, media buying no longer consists only of space within billboards, radio spots, purchasing time, broadcast and print, but rather incorporates every aspect of digital media. Our team has the capabilities to put together the perfect media strategy that works in union with your business.

Once you have approved the media plan prepared for you we will execute, optimize and manage your campaigns making sure that at every touch point all placement, copy, call to action messaging and conversations are matching with your target objectives. We will provide analytics against your media campaign showing the progress by channel and making any real-time adjustments based on key metrics and goals.

Media Planning

Media strategies and analysis

Target demographic analysis and research

Demographic reach analysis

Client meeting and consultations

Reach and frequency estimates

Special event/promotional strategies

PSA, partnership and promotion opportunities

Real campaign metrics

Media Buying

Ratings analysis

Cost analysis/negotiation services

Added value (contracted and tracked)

Invoice audits which match spot times, dates, costs and commercial numbers with purchased schedule

Post-buy analysis/estimate (benchmark +/- 10%)

Media Management

Advertising partner relations

Record Keeping

Budget recaps


Payment processing

Maintaining schedules/contracts

Buy confirmations

Management of creative assets